The Underhill Group of Companies

The Underhill Group consists of two companies:

  • Underhill & Underhill — a partnership of professional land surveyors.
  • Underhill Geomatics Ltd. — the surveying engineering services arm of the firm.

The Underhill Group has built a long-standing reputation of excellence in serving clients throughout BC, North America and the world. Our mission is to expand our land surveying services and technical capabilities while maintaining high professional standards.

Underhill's company philosophy is structured upon our commitment to people and for that reason we have fostered a corporate spirit that promotes education and creativity. We believe that combining experience and integrity with technology supports the essential growth necessary to service the rapidly developing needs of our clients.

For nearly a century, the Underhill Group has participated in historically important development projects within the province of British Columbia and throughout western Canada.

Our services include land surveys related to railways, highways, residential and commercial development, tunneling and mining, oil and gas, port facilities, and First Nations land claim settlements. We also provide land surveying and civil engineering software for download worldwide.