updated: 30-May-2011

 Copan Lite for Windows

Traverse Processing

  1. Field Traverse Results
  2. Map Traverse Results
  3. Traverse Adjustment
  1. Warnings
  2. Traverse Listing
  3. Traversing Curves

Various Copan modules allow you to process sets of field or map traverses. When you choose Calculate (or OK), each traverse is summarized in a Traverse Results window or its detailed results are listed in an info display file. In many cases, the traverse can be adjusted for coordinate misclosure.

1. Field Traverse Results

Two field modules — § Field Data Processing and § Field Bearings Processing — can process and adjust raw field traverses via Traverse Results dialogs:

Examine the Field Traverse Results and choose Coordinate Adjustment Rule.

2. Map Traverse Results

Although two map trav modules — § Map Traverses and § Map Checks — can process reduced map traverses, only the former can adjust traverses, via Traverse Results dialogs:

Examine the Map Traverse Results and choose Coordinate Adjustment Rule.

3. Traverse Adjustment

Note, whether or not a traverse adjustment is made, a sum-of-angles imbalance, if present, has already been balanced prior to presentation of the coordinate misclosure.

4. Warnings

A very poor traverse closure will disable coordinate adjustment.

5. Traverse Listing

Both the field traverse processing modules can, and both the map traverse processing modules do, list the traverses in an info display file. A traverse listing includes the results shown in the Traverse Results dialog as well as the bearing and distance of each leg in the traverse.

The inverse map traverse module — § Area and Perimeter Calculations — processes sequences of points and also lists the above results, except for misclosures (as there are none), in an info display file.

6. Traversing Curves

A map traverse (i.e., sequences of bearings and distances) can define curves if the curves' radials are included as traverse legs. The same is true of inverse map traverses (i.e., sequences of points). See § Traversing Curves for details on how curve radials are defined as traverse legs.

updated: 30-May-2011