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Regarding Copan Lite for Windows 11.03.

10 000 Copanians!

There are now 10 000 Copan users, world-wide!

Among the three different platform versions, the breakdown is Windows 74%, PocketPC 24%, and PalmOS 2%.

Copan CAD is still coming

Last time we gave a sneak preview of Copan Pro / Copan CAD. Our offer of the chance to try it out, to become a beta tester of the pre-release version, is now closed. Thank you to all who filled in the simple questionnaire — we'll be in touch very shortly about getting your test copy.

You can expect the first commercial release of Copan CAD in about six months.

Scale extended-code sizes added to Field family

In the Field family of modules, you can now automatically scale all the extended-code sizes in side-shot observations by the current units factor. For example, if your coordinates are in metres and your field data are in feet, you can now convert, via a UF= 0.3048, your manhole depths and culvert diameters from hundredths of feet to hundredths of metres (along with all the usual conversions of SD, HI, HS from ft to m).

Other small improvements to Field family

Load Data

List Data


List Calcs

Small improvements to Import Ascii points

Small bug in curve display

We just discovered a curve display buglet that's been present since release 2010.12:
If you calculate any curves in Map Traverse or Map Check and zoom in a long way, at the end of the displayed arc, you may notice the arc is offset from the actual end-point by a mm or so. The survey calculations and curve results are still correct, only the small details of the display are wrong.