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Regarding Copan Lite for Windows 11.01.

General Improvements

Various small improvements to the user interface have been made — rather too many and detailed to itemize here, except one:
Many a dialog that refers to an output file or to a codes table now has an Open button alongside the List button. This means that you can open and hence edit the said file as an alternative to merely listing it.

Also, various fixes to random memory problems have been made. This should prevent many of the crashes that some of you have experienced recently.

If you still experience any crashes, let us know by sending the relevant program.trace files. See Bugs and User Settings for details.

Copan CAD is Coming!

For several years, on our in-house (i.e., UGL's own private) version of Copan, we have had the ability to export symbolized drawings to AutoCAD-compatible DWG files. We do this via a tool called CADface.

Copan Pro can output points in DWG format for use within AutoCAD.

The following screen-shot is an example of such a file, output from Copan and opened in AutoCAD:

Copan Pro can output points in DWG format for use within for larger view

If you have an AutoCAD-compatible DWG viewer, you can open the actual CADface_output.dwg file.

We've been working on a Copan drawing module, too. The drawing module has many useful CAD functions, completely independent of AutoCAD:

The following screen-shot is an example of Copan Pro's Drawing Module with a topographic plan produced entirely in model space:

With Copan Pro you can produce topo drawings, independently of for larger view

For your information: entirely in model space means that everything — the mapped area and the surrounding title and lettering — is positioned and sized using the same coordinate system that the surveyed coordfile points are in.

Here's an example of Copan-drawn location certificate, produced in model space:

With Copan Pro you can produce legal drawings, independently of for larger view

The following screen-shot is an example of Copan with a topographic plan produced partly in model space and partly in paper space:

With Copan Pro you can produce drawings with for larger view

In this case, the exterior components of the map were laid out as if positioned on a piece of paper. The main component (the large central window) is a viewport, positioned in paper-space but looking into a portion of a separate drawing produced in model-space.

Eventually, some time in 2011, we will be charging the public for Copan CAD. Don't worry, the free version of Copan will remain free and will continue to evolve. The new, expanded Copan will include all the features already in Copan, plus all those just described above.

Would you like to try it out?

Before we officially release Copan Pro to the public at large — we haven't even decided on its official name yet — we offered to registered users of the free Copan the chance to try it out. That is, if you received this newsletter via email, you can ask to become a beta tester of the pre-release version of Copan CAD and we will provide you with a copy, to keep.

Of course, what we'd like from you as a beta tester are your opinions on the new program's functionality and usability as a surveyor's drafting tool. For doing that, who knows, we may well reward you with a free copy of the first official, and improved, version of Copan Pro.

So we have an idea what you will expect to use it for, and so we know where to send download instructions, please take a minute to answer the simple questions.
[25-Mar'11 update: The survey is now closed. Thanks to all who participated!]

Now Accepting Donations!

We know some of you are finding Copan Lite for Windows a very valuable, but free, tool. If you've been wondering about making a contribution, we're now accepting monetary donations, via PayPal. Visit the Copan home page and click the Donate button.   Or click this one →

Of course, there are still non-monetary ways of helping our Copan efforts. See point 7 of the FAQ in the User Manual: