Copan News


Regarding Copan for Windows 10.05.

Transform Coordinates using More Control Points

The maximum number of control point pairs, in Transform by Control Points, is now up to 50 from 20.

Export Point Names to Total Station File

You now have the option, in Export Points to Total Station File, to output the (alphnumeric) point names, instead of the (numeric) point numbers.

Ignore Filter when Viewing Points

You now have the option, via General Program Settings, to always see all points in the display window, even when a filter is in effect.

Direct and Inverse Calc Modes: together again

From version 08.12, COGO's direct and inverse were separate calculation modes. Now, by popular demand, they've been re-united. Based on what values you've entered, Copan should know what you want.

Offset-constrained Inverses

In COGO's Direct / Inv calc mode, if you enter a From Point, an Offset, and a To Point, Copan will calculate the bearing and distance which, combined with the given offset, connect the From point to the To point.

List Calcs, just the calcs

In Field Data Process, the List Calcs button now just lists the calculations. You no longer need to recalculate everything to get the listings.

Zoom To Point

Via the new menu item Viewing & Printing | Zoom To Point..., you may enter a Point number and choose how many times you wish to Zoom in. Copan will then center the display upon, and zoom into, the given point.

Info Display File in Current Project Folder

The info.display.txt file is now placed in the current project folder. Before it went into your personal copan settings folder. There are two minor ramifications:
  1. If you ever did wish to go back and find the latest info.display file after you'd closed the text editor, it was often hard to find. (It was in C:\Documents and Settings\user-name\Application Data\Copan\). Now it will be where you might expect it to be (in C:\Documents and Settings\user-name\My Documents\Copan\ or in J:\V10123\Copan\).
  2. During a lengthy Copan session, several different info.display files may be created, in different locations, as you create calculation results. As you open files from or save files to different project folders, info.display files will get saved to whatever the current project folder is at the time. This will slightly decrease the chance that you inadvertently over-write a recent but useful results file.
This leads, potentially, to another change, not yet made: A logical continuation of the second ramification would be to name each info.display file with a prefix related to the type of result. For example,,, and This would create even more separate info.display files and would further increase the chances that you could find previous calculation results if you needed to. Would it be of help to you?