Copan News

NewsFlash: an update to version 09.11 was released on 02 December 2009 that now runs on 64-bit architectures.


Regarding Copan for Windows 09.11.

This edition of Copan News is all about bug fixes!

Dependent Field Traverse Adjustments Now Working

Copan can process and adjust multiple traverses within the Field Data Process module. Until now, however, any traverse that depended on an intermediate point along a prior traverse in the same processing session was never properly adjusted. Now, if you have a traverse that is controlled by any point along an earlier traverse in the same field file, it will be controlled using the adjusted values of the earlier traverses. (Independent traverses, that were controlled by points not on any earlier traverse in the same file, were always adjusted properly.)

Automatic Export of Coordfile to Ascii Now Working

You may know that you can ask Copan to export a coordinate file to Ascii automatically upon closing the coordfile. Since version 09.06, however, that function was broken. It is now working properly again.

Point Cross Sizes Now Stable

Whenever you view graphically a coordinate file, the point numbers and crosses remain at the same size no matter what level of zoom you are at. There were occasions, however, when the small point crosses started to grow or shrink in size. (This may have happened if you changed the Copan window to be very thin in shape.) On very rare occasions, the crosses would grow to ridiculous lengths and the program would crash. The point crosses should now be stable in size (the point numbers always were).

Mouse Wheel Double-click Now Working

You probably know that you can quickly zoom in and out of a coordfile view by turning the mouse wheel. You are also supposed to be able to quickly "zoom to extents" (i.e., zoom to view the full extent of the current set of points) by double-clicking the mouse wheel. Since version 08.06, however, that function was broken. It is now working properly again.

Some of you had also experienced a zooming bug with the mouse wheel — that is now fixed, too.

Imperial Coordfiles Now Plot to Scale

You can print out any graphical view you see in the main Copan window, via the Print module. Until now, however, if your coordinates were not in metres, it was difficult to properly plot the points at a specified scale. Now, via Viewing & Printing | Options..., you can specify two important settings: your desired units of measure for the printed page (i.e., mm, cm, or inches), and the conversion factor between your coordfile units and your page units (e.g., 100, 12, 39.37, etc). The Print module will now use those options to properly scale your point plot according to your specifications.

See the updated User Manual page Viewing and Printing Graphics.