Copan News


Regarding Copan for Windows 09.06.

Easier Install and Update

To simplify the installation and update of Copan, the key file, CopanKey.bin, is now included in the installer package. So, whenever you install an upgraded version, you no longer need to copy the key file to the new program folder. (New users will still need to request a password, as before, but we won't need to send them a .bin file.)

Status Bar and Continuous Coordinates Added

The bottom of the main graphics window now has a status bar, the right side of which continuously shows the current N-E coordinates of your mouse-pointer.

Tools Added to Right Mouse-Button Pop-Up Menu

When your mouse-pointer is on the main graphics window and you press the right mouse-button, you'll see some new tools:

More Precision Options Added

In the Geomatic section of General Program Settings,

Minor Bug-Fix in Field Data Process

If you happened to have a traverse that had both a redundant, closing angle at its end, and a station (other than the start/end) with more than one set-up, the resulting traverse closure came out slightly wrong. That bug is now fixed. (FYI, Copan is designed to allow a mix of traverse and non-traverse set-ups within a field file.)

Newly-discovered Bugs

Neither of these recently discovered bugs have been fixed:

Imperial Printing

Copan assumes coordinates are in metres when scaling graphics for output to a printer, so imperial coordfiles will not print at the proper scale. In future, you will be able to specify proper ground-to-paper scales, but not yet.

Messy Degree

It is possible, though unlikely, that the display or output of DMS angles is corrupted on your system. In rare cases, on display/output, the deg symbol (°) is replaced by a question mark (?) and the first digit of the minutes is obscured.

If that has happened to you, please let us know — especially if you found a solution to the problem. In future, you will be able to choose alternative DMS symbols for output/display, but not yet.