Copan News


Regarding Copan for Windows 09.02.

Bug Alert and Fix: Reading Wild/Leica (GRE/GSI) files

A change made, in version 08.12, concerning improved interpretation of precise angle observations in Leica GSI-16 files, had an unfortunate side-effect:

Small Bug Fix: Listing field data

In the Field Data module, if you had any non-zero reference horizontal circle values, they would be incorrectly reported on a data listing as being zero. The correct refHC values were always used for calculations, so the computed and listed results were corect. The bug — that had always been present but only recently been discovered — has been fixed.

Export to Total Station: Improvements

Other Updates to Version 08.12

These items, described in the recent Bulletin but not the last News, were introduced in version 09.01 and are repeated here.

Further to the recent COGO refinements made in version 08.12,

Further to the recent Area Calc refinements made in version 08.12,