Copan News


Regarding Copan for Windows 08.12.

New Angles on Things

Azimuths to Bearings

What Copan used to refer to mainly as azimuths are now referred to as bearings. While azimuth is sometimes used, bearing is the more common word in the context of plane surveying and mapping. This has no effect on program function beyond seeing Azim and Azimuth being replaced nearly everywhere by Brng and Bearing.

Quadrant Bearings Output

You now have the option, in Program | Settings | General, to have all bearings output in quadrant form. Before, all bearings were output in whole-circle form. You still have the option of using either form for input. Also, added to the set of possible input bearing expressions are NE, NW, SE, and SW as shortcuts for N45E, N45W, S45E, and S45W. If this is something you will use, please let us know if you think the formatting needs tweaking.

South-based Whole-circle Bearings

For those very few folks who need this, there is now the option to specify that whole-circle bearings are south-based. After you specify this, in Program | Settings | General, 0° will mean south, 90° west, 180° north, etc, for input and output. If this is something you will use, please check this new functionality carefully and let us know if there are any problems.

COGO Enhanced

Direct and Inverse Calcs

The Direct/Inverse COGO calculation mode is now separated into the Direct mode and the Inverse mode.

Distance and Offset

The Distance/Offset COGO entry boxes are now separated into Distance boxes and Offset boxes. You can now do a Direct (i.e. forward) calculation with a bearing and both a distance and an offset. Before, it was just bearing and distance. Also, you can now constrain an Inverse calculation with a bearing to get both a distance and an offset. Again, before, it was just bearing and distance.

Corner Angle Calcs

The 3 point inverse COGO calculation mode is now called the Angle mode to conform more to common usage. An Angle Left option has been added to angle calculation mode, to give the counter-clockwise angle (as a negative value) from the from point to the to point. The default mode is still Angle Right. Also, the output listing for angle calculation has been streamlined and clarified. Before, it took up much space and was potentially confusing.

Drop-Down Lists

The drop-down lists for COGO bearings, distances and offsets are now in reverse order: the most recently added or calculated values now appear at the top of the lists (before, they were at bottom).

Cogo Lite

The Units Factor list and its associated Apply and 1/UF buttons have now been added to COGO Lite (previously they were only in regular COGO).

Multiple Inverses

Field Modules

Small improvements to the Field Data / Field Bearings / Field Resections modules:

Import/Export of Text Coordinate Files

Some improvements to the CoordFile Import/Export Ascii module:

Auto-Export of Coordinate Files

You now have a second set of auto export options. If you'd like to have Copan automatically export a coordfile to (up to) two differently formatted text files each time the coordfile is closed, go to Program | Settings | General and the Logistic section.

Area and Perimeter Calculation with Curves

Curve validation has been added to the Inverse Map Traverse module (also known as Area Calc): Before, Copan would only validate curves defined in Map Trav and Map Check, not in Area Calc.

When will Copan have Drawing Capabilities?

On our in-house version of Copan, we currently have the ability to export symbolized drawings to AutoCAD DWG files. Also, we are working on a Copan drawing module that will have many useful CAD functions, independent of AutoCAD. When a CAD version of Copan is released, some time in 2009, we will be charging the public for it. However, the free version of Copan will remain free and will continue to evolve.