Copan News


Copan 08.09 is relatively a minor update to Copan 08.08 — a few small bug fixes and an updated User Manual. Read the following before deciding whether you wish to bother to update.

COGO Intersections Labelled

Copan 08.06 stopped labelling the two solutions to a distance-direction or a distance-distance intersection. Now "A" and "B" are back, so you know what's what when it's time to choose.

CSV Export Format Improved

The changes to exported delimited format files, introduced last time, were incompatible with Import to TDS. Now only alphanumeric fields that contain delimiters or double-quotes are double-quoted when exported. Numeric fields — point number and coordinates — and ordinary alphanumeric fields are not quoted. Thus, exported delimited format files are now compatible with both TDS and Excel.

Improved Import of Numberless Points

When importing points that have no ID numbers from a text file, Copan didn't quite get its checks and warnings right when it reconciled your claim about the heading line with what it found on the first line. Now it does.

FAQs and Curves

As more people ask questions, more will be added to the Frequently Asked Questions chapter of the User Manual. Just added is How can I do curve calculations? and the related Traversing Curves chapter.