Copan News


Regarding Copan for Windows 08.08.

Options Added to Auto Export

If you choose to have Copan do an automatic export to Ascii upon closing coordfiles (by checking a box in the General Program Settings dialog), you may now also choose the file format and the decimals to output.

Until now you were stuck with fixed format and 10 decimals.

Note these settings are independent of those chosen in the normal Export to Ascii dialog.

CSV Format Improved for Import / Export

The nature of Delimited Format files, for Import / Export, are now more similar to the Excel CSV file format:

Until now Copan dealt with quoted fields in a very crude manner.

Fields Added for Import

The number of fields an Ascii file for import can have has been increased from 10 to 12. Copan coordfile points don't have any more fields, but you can now import files with more fields. (You effectively skip over unwanted fields by selecting blanks for them.)

More Control of Moving Filter for Import

If you enter a distance and a rise/fall for a Moving Filter — to reduce the number of points imported from a densly-sampled stream of points — you now have an additional subtle control: and versus or, depending on whether you require both criteria or allow just one of the criteria to be met. (For any given distance and rise/fall, choosing and instead of or can result in slightly fewer points passing the filter.)

Underhill Underwhelmed with Questions and Suggestions

Copan has been available via the internet for just over a year and it has been downloaded over 1000 times from over 100 countries — from Afghanistan to Zambia, with the top five being USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and Philippines.

Although we state that Support for ... Copan may be available via email ... demand for help has only been trickling in. So, don't be shy, what would you like to say or ask about Copan?