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Regarding Copan for Windows 08.07.

Load Field Data from More Total Stations

Copan can now read field data in these instrument formats:

Note that — to accommodate the expanding list of different file types — different file extensions now appear on different lines in the Files of type drop-down list, with Copan field files (*.f*) being the default.

Let us know ( at ) if you'd like Copan to work with other instrument formats.

Observation Data Entry Bug Fixed

Version 08.04 of Copan had improved data validation of entered angles in the Field Data Processing module. Unfortunately it also came with new bugs: If a Reference Azimuth was entered, any subsequent setup observations were wrongly marked as invalid. Also, if a Closing Azimuth was entered, any subsequent shot observations were wrongly marked as invalid. That problem is now fixed.

Field Data List Improved

If you happen to have negative horizontal circle values in the Field Data Processing module, they will now be preserved as such when listed, rather than converted to positive whole-circle equivalents. Also, if you don't have any remote elevation measurements (the usual case), the "=Use=" column will no longer appear in a in Field Data listing.

New CoordFile Folder Procedure Improved

If you have the create project folder box checked in the New CoordFile dialog, a new project folder will now not be created until after you have entered the new file name or new location. Also, the new project folder will now always have the same name as the new file (without the .pts extension), and will now always be in the proper location.

Before, a new project folder would be created before you entered the new file name and location, which meant that if you browsed to a new location or entered a new name, you'd be left with a new project folder that was empty or had the wrong name.

Other File Saving Improved

Most modules that involve the saving of a new data or parameter file now have better default file naming. The default name will be the name of the current job or coordfile, with the appropriate extension.

For example, suppose I've got "C:\my_job\my_job.pts" open and I've entered a new field data in Field Data. While the default name for a new field file was "C:\my_job\data.fld", it is now "C:\my_job\my_job.fld".

June was...

Here in Vancouver, BC, June is Bike Month, to encourage more folks to use bicycles for transport.

Here at UGL, this June also seemed to be Bad Internet Month. We've had a number of different problems that resulted in our web and email servers operating at reduced capability, or not at all, for hours or days at a time. Things appear to be working again properly now, however.