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Regarding Copan for Windows 08.03.

General Program Settings Enhanced

Say yes to gons

That is, if you live in a country where angles are measured in gons (grads), there being 400 of them in a circle, choose the Gons (Grads) Angle Units in the Geomatic section of General Program Settings. Do it once and forget about it forever.

See the degree signs

If you use good old degrees, minutes and seconds (360° in a circle), just leave the Angle Units in Degrees, Minutes, Seconds mode. What's new, though, is that any output angles are now formatted nicely everywhere — e.g. 54°40'15" — except where they're also used as input, in which case the condensed-mode (e.g., 54.4015) is still used.

If you'd prefer alternative degree-minute-second signs, such as say 54-40-15, let us know and we'll try to accommodate.

Decimal degrees or Mils

If you use either of those, you're out of luck — but let us know and we may add it to our To Do list.

Field Data Enhanced

Better data validation

There's now more data format validity checking done. Also entries such as "HS= " are now correctly treated as missing or null, rather than as "HS= 0.0".

Go home or Go to the end

Two new buttons, Home and End, allow you to go quickly to the beginning or end of your data in the big edit box — especially useful if you have a huge set of data to peruse. Things are even quicker if you use the Alt key short-cuts: Alt-M and Alt-N for Home and End, respectively.

More Geodimeter, Leica and TDS Recon data codes recognized

Many more Geodimeter, Leica and TDS Recon data codes, such as for coordinates, temperature and pressure, are now recognized during field data loading. They may be in your .raw, .job, .gre or .gsi field files and used to be either ignored or flagged as unrecognized. They are now interpreted and displayed, but in commented form (e.g., prefixed by "//" or ";;") so they're not processed during field calculation. They may help provide a clearer understanding of the original data collection sequence.

Delete comments

Now that you've got so many comment lines, you might wish to remove them all. Use the new Delete comments button to do that.

TDS-Recon data more precise

Such data used to be rounded to low precision — Copan now keeps them precise.

Leica GSI-16 files better understood

When loading GSI-16 data, you no longer have to say whether they're topgraphic (normal mode) or geodetic (Sets-of-angles mode) data — Copan now knows.

More data renamed

Both the dialog and the button to invoke it have been renamed Project-Instrument-Scales.

Installer Enhanced

File associations now created

CoordFiles (.PTS files) are now automatically associated with the Copan program. That is, in Windows Explorer, a .PTS file is labelled as a Copan CoordFile and will open inside Copan if opened (double-clicked or right-clicked then Opened).

Copan News Supplement


Leica GSI-16 Bug Fixed

There was a bug in the Field Data Process module concerning certain Leica GSI-16 files. If you have such a file and it contains combinations of raw observations and station coordinates, it won't get read properly by Copan versions up to and including 2008.04.04.

The bug has been fixed in version 2008.04.15 which has been uploaded to our software site.

So if you have Leica GSI-16 files with combinations of raw observations and station coordinates — or if you didn't upgrade your version of Windows Copan since January '08 — get the latest version from