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We improve Copan quite frequently and we announce such updates in our irregular newsletter Copan News. In it we also provide occasional tips on using Copan or solicit feedback from users.

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Edition Highlights

Copan News Dec-2011

Copan for Windows (free edition) now called Copan Lite. Copan Pro and Pro+DWG now available to public. UGL has new web site.

Copan News May-2011

Nearly 200 countries. More improvements to Field family. Improvements to Map Trav.

Copan News Mar-2011

10 000 Copanians! Various to improvements Field family and to Import Ascii points.

Copan News Feb-2011

Various small improvements to user interface. Various fixes to random memory problems (preventing crashes). Copan CAD is Coming! Donations accepted!

Copan News Sep-2010

Added coord transform to Import-Export. Added more data conversions to more modules. Added factoring of extended-code sizes to Coord Transform. Renamed projection SF as scale factor. Renamed Resections as FreeStations. Increased data precision in Coord Transform. Added angle-left option to Multi Inverse. Added export to GeoLab IOB in Field modules. Added point names option to Field modules. Improved management of folder locations. Added delta Z to Measure display.

Copan News May-2010

More control points in transform by points. Export point names to total station. Ignore filter when viewing points. Direct and Inverse Calc modes combined. Offset-constrained inverses added. List Calcs now just lists calcs. Zoom To Point added. Info display file now in project folder.

Copan News Nov-2009

Bug Fixes: Dependent field traverses. Automatic coordfile export. Point cross sizes. Mouse wheel double-click. Plotting imperial coordfiles to scale.

Copan News Jul-2009

Copan questionnaire invitation. Traverse closure report improved. Import ascii improved.

Copan News Jun-2009

Easier install and update. Status bar and continuous coordinates added. Tools added to right mouse-button pop-up menu. More precision options added. New bugs found.

Copan News Feb-2009

Bug fix: reading Wild/Leica files. Small bug fix: listing field data. Export to total station improvements.

Copan News Dec-2008

Azimuths now bearings. Quadrant bearings output. South-based whole-circle bearings. Direct COGO calculations with distance and offset. Inverse COGO calculations constrained with a bearing.

Copan News Sep-2008

COGO intersections labelled. CSV export format improved again. Improved import of numberless points. FAQs and Curves.

Copan News Aug-2008

Options added to auto export. CSV format improved for import / export. Fields added for import. More control of moving filter.

Copan News Jul-2008

Load field data from more total stations. Observation data entry bug-fix. Field data list improved. New coordfile folder procedure improved. Better file saving.

Copan News Mar-2008

More general program settings. Field data enhanced. Installer enhanced. Leica GSI-16 processing bug-fix.

Copan News Jan-2008

Better azimuth and distance expressions. Face-left bug-fix. Export to total station added. Higher auto export precision. Better map traverse modules: comment lines, differential corrections, export ESRI, and reverse.

Copan News Aug-2007

Auto installer added. Transform coords by control points improved. Free station processing added.


Copan Lite quietly released to the public.

updated: 16-Dec-2011