updated: 21-Sep-2010

 Copan for Windows

File Locations

The whole Copan package includes a number of different files, some of which are essential and others are supplemental to using Copan. This is an overview of the different kinds of files and their locations.

Project Files

Each survey project you work on may require a number of different project data files. These include coordinate files, survey drawings, field data, azimuth-distance traverse data, transformations, etc.

All files related to a single job or project should normally be kept in a project folder, and each project folder would normally go in your Initial Project Folder. By default, your Initial Project Folder is

but it can be changed to any location you like. (Prior to version 10.08, it was the same as the above but without the Copan folder.)

Copan keeps track of what is known as the current project folder. When you're about to open or create a project data file, you are shown the current project folder first, and if you choose another location, the new location becomes the current project folder.

Coordinate Files

Virtually everything in Copan involves a coordinate file, or coordfile for short. Even if you'd like only to process coordinates from another program, you must first create a new coordfile and then import them.

A coordfile is a standalone file containing a head record and a set of survey point records. It is a binary file and has a .pts name extension.

See § Coordinate Files on how to do basic coordinate file management and § Point Records on the nature and management of point records.

Info Display File

Most Copan activities and results are logged to the info.display.txt file within the current project folder. The file is overwritten (or emptied) before each activity, so you may wish to Save As or print it regularly from whichever program is displaying it. See § Info Display File on printing or viewing the file. (Prior to version 10.05, there was only a single info display file, stored in the user settings folder.)

Auxiliary Files

Some data, that may or may not be specific to a survey project, are used for reference. They include
  • a point codes table (e.g., codes.txt), required when using code descriptions or extensions (see § Point Codes). Copan looks for them in your Auxiliary Files Folder which starts out being within the Initial Project Folder but it can be changed to, say, a common location on a file server. (Prior to version 10.08, auxiliary files were located in the program folder.)

    You or your colleagues are responsible for creating your auxiliary files.

    Note that you have the option to have separate auxiliary files associated with each project. You might choose to do this if your point codes tend to change from project to project. To do it for particular projects only, check Copy auxiliary files to project folder when you create a coordinate file. To do it for all new projects, check Auto copy auxiliary files to new project folder in § Program Settings. In either case, Copan will copy the contents of the Auxiliary Files Folder to the particular project folder.

    User Manual Files

    Copan looks for hypertext help documents (including this one) in your User Manual Folder. This starts out being located inside the Program Folder but can be changed to another location if your user manual is stored there.

    To Change Default File Locations

    From the Program menu, choose Settings, then File Locations

    1. Program | Settings... | File Locations...
    2. Browse... to the desired Initial Project Folder location.
    3. Browse... to the desired Auxiliary Files Folder location.
    4. Browse... to the desired User Manual Folder location, or click Use UGL website to always use latest user manual on the Underhill web site.
    5. Click OK.

    Enter the appropriate folder paths or Browse to them.

    For your information, there are two other sets of files — User Settings and Program Files — whose locations you cannot change and with which you needn't concern yourself (usually).

    User Settings Files

    Most of your preferences, settings, options, etc, for Copan are stored in your User Settings Folder. Occaisionally you may like to copy your settings between users or computers. They are here:

    Program Files

    When you install Copan, various files get stored in your Program Folder. Usually they are here but you may install them somewhere else. (You have the choice during program installation.)

    updated: 21-Sep-2010