updated: 21-Sep-2010

 Copan for Windows

Export to Total Station File

Suppose you have some coordfile points that you'd like to set out (or stake out) via a total station. With this module you can save a group of coordfile points to an ASCII file, ready for transferring to a total station.

While you can simply export the points to an ASCII file using the generic export facility (see § Import and Export) and then convert the export file using some appropriate external software to the total station format, here you can copy the points directly to a total-station-compatible file.

To Export Points to a Total Station File

From the CoordFile menu, choose Export to Total Station.

  1. CoordFile | Export to Total Station...
  2. Choose the required Instrument Format:
  3. Choose whether or not to Include point Codes or Elevations.
  4. Choose whether or not to Use (alphanumeric) point Names instead of (integer) Pnt #s.
  5. Choose the subset of Points to edit — All or a Filtered set (See § Point Filters).
  6. Optionally Apply Transformation to the points during export. (The coordfile will not be changed.) Clicking Yes... allows you to enter the transformation parameters (see § Coordinate Transformations.)
  7. Choose other options as appropriate.
  8. OK.

Let us know ( at support@underhill.ca ) if you'd like Copan to save point data in other instrument formats. Please note the software version and release date (see § Software Version) in all communications.

Choose which Points to Export and which Instrument Format, and click OK.


updated: 21-Sep-2010