updated: 21-Sep-2010

 Copan for Windows

Bulk Point Editing

With this module you can delete, renumber, or edit the non-coordinate fields of a large group of coordfile points in one go.

Note that if you need to edit the coordinates of a group of points in a systematic manner, use the Coordinate Transformations module instead.

To Edit Many Points at Once

From the CoordFile menu, choose Bulk Edit.

  1. CoordFile | Bulk Edit...
  2. Choose the subset of Points to edit — All or a Filtered set (See § Point Filters).
  3. Choose the editing Action to take:
  4. If you are editing an alphanumeric field, enter an update expression (see below) in the box, to indicate what the new value for the field should be.
  5. OK.

Choose which Points to Edit and what Action to take, and click OK.

Update Expression

Currently, the opportunities for specifying how a Name, Code, or Note field should be updated are very limited. Whatever you enter in the box is what the new value for the field will be.

For example, choosing Re-Note and leaving the box blank is a request to erase the Notes for all currently filtered points. And choosing Re-Code and typing 24 in the box is a request to set the Codes for all currently filtered points to 24.

updated: 21-Sep-2010