Happy 100th Birthday Helen Underhill!

On Sunday October 20th, friends and family met in Burnaby to celebrate Helen Underhill’s 100th Birthday. Helen’s husband Clare, and son Bruce, both BC and Canada Land Surveyors, were partners in the firm of Underhill & Underhill. The firm was founded by Clare and his brother Jim in 1913. Helen married Clare Underhill in 1945.

Helen remembers the first time females were ALLOWED to attend the BC Land Surveyors AGM in Victoria in 1955. According to Helen, they were treated like queens at the Empress. Her brother-in-law, Jim Underhill, became famous for his “toast to the ladies” at the gala dinners. Today, there are quite a number of women that have become British Columbia Land Surveyors. Helen, and others, got that ball rolling back in 1955.

Congratulations Helen!

From all of us at Underhill & Underhill.