NCTech Publishes Case Study on Underhill’s Construction Photo Documentation at BC Children’s & Women’s Hospital


Vancouver, BC

NCTech recently featured Underhill Geomatics’  360-degree Construction Photo Documentation work at the TACC (Teck Acute Care Centre) for their latest NCTech Application Notes & Case Studies.  NCTech manufactures the iSTAR 360 camera which was used on the project.   Underhill supports and organizes the Construction Photo Documentation collected with the iSTAR 360 through it’s website.  By the time the project is finished around 11,000 panoramic photos will have been taken and indexed into PhotoDocufy to provide a near real-time access record of the stages of construction activity at the site.

Construction of the TACC facility is a joint venture of  Balfour Beatty Construction and Ledcor for their customer Affinity Partnerships.  According to the NCTech Case Study,

“The main comment of from the users of the PhotoDocufy service is that 360-degree photography provides the context that they need. Without the omissions or impediments that are present in standard planar photography.”

  BC Children’s Hospital, BC Woman’s Hospital + Health Centre