Vancouver’s Trump International Tower Grand Opening arrives amid controversy

March 1st, 2017

In 2013, Underhill & Underhill commenced the legal surveys for The Holborn Group’s Trump International Hotel & Tower®, Vancouver.

Yesterday, alternative facts and fake news arrived in Vancouver to herald the Grand Opening of the new Tower. Tweets and news stories were flying off the page in the reality challenged, post-truth world that occupies the abyss between Trump and the media. The free press (see links below) generated by the event for Holborn’s project was only slightly marred by this challenged relationship.


One CBC headline shouted, “Trump’s ’69-storey’ Vancouver tower is only 63 storeys.” Trump is well known for “inflating” the floor count of his buildings. He even claims he was the first to come up with the idea. But in the Lower Mainland of BC, this is the kind of headline that makes a BC Land Surveyor go “Hmmm? What about those floors that nobody likes? You know, like 13, or anything ending in a 4?” Those floor numbers get removed so prospective purchasers will not be confronted with their superstitions – if they have any. The removal of the 13th floor from the sequence will increase the top floor by one. Floors ending in 4 are much more numerous. In a building the height of the Trump, there would be many. Removing these floor numbers would inflate the count too.

Advising the CBC reporter of the more probable reason for the inflated Tower height resulted in further fact checking and rapid editing and revision of the story. No fake news here, no alternative facts, no truthers, no truthiness, just the truth as best as can be ascertained from the available evidence. This Hour has 22 Minutes did a bit on the floor issue. It starts at 7:52 of the linked video: S24|E19 This Hour has 22 Minutes – March 7, 2017


Below is a sampling of the news releases on February 28th, 2017, from around the World. Despite Donald Trump Jr.’s opening comment at the press conference,

“I’d like to thank the press,” he said before quickly adding: “Just kidding. Good to see you here. I’m shocked. I’m absolutely shocked.”,

they did manage to invite all the press they could. The links below are a sampling of what effect this had.


“There’s no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.” – Brendan Behan


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